Sunday, October 18, 2015

5th Annual Plainfield-Queen City Historic 5K Walk/Run for Life "a success!"

It's the day after the 5th Annual Plainfield-Queen City Historic 5K Walk/Run for Life and we can look back a say we've had another success on many fronts.

First, we were Blessed with very good weather with temps in the upper 40's, second we had a significant turnout (several hundred by my count), third, everyone I saw and spoke with (especially the children) had a great time forth, we had more groups/teams turnout than ever before and fifth, we had increased support from sponsors and friend of the event.

If you were there I hope you enjoyed yourself as well.

I will be providing more input over the days ahead so do stop back by frequently.

You'll have access to all the results and pics as well!  If you'd like to drop me or anyone on the team a line do so at:

Peace and Blessings,

Darryl Clark
Founder/Chairman, Plainfield-Queen City Historic 5K Walk/Run for Life, committee


  1. This 2016 Plainfield Walk/Run is going to be the best ever! We have a dynamic team that are all one in accord with putting Plainfield back on the map. If the youth could know what it is to be a PROUD resident of the great city of Plainfield and were given ways to share in this pride such as running to be #1, what a change the community as a whole would see. Our seniors will be proud. If your not yet a part of the Plainfield 5K Walk/Run, then get on it ASAP!!!

  2. 2016 will be all that 2015 was AND MORE!!!!!