Tuesday, September 20, 2016

6th Annual 'Plainfield-Queen City Historic Walk/Run for Life' set for October 8th 2016!

It's that time again!  The Plainfield-Queen City Historic Walk/Run for Life is set for October 8th, 2016.  The annual fund raiser is generating lots of excitement as we approach this years event.  The event is based on 5 key pillars (objectives): 1) Engage and Unite Plainfield and surrounding communities, 2) Highlight the historic legacy and beauty of Plainfield, 3) Advocate for youth and senior citizens (especially the less privileged), 4) Raise awareness and advocacy for health and wellness, 5) Raise funds for scholarships, the less privileged, and non-profit community resources.  This year's theme is "Walking/Running Together so Everyone can Achieve More". 

The event starts and ends at 515 Watchung Avenue, Plainfield City Hall (see course map on this site).  The event and registration begins at 8AM.  The first walk/run starts at 9AM followed by the 5K at 9:30AM.  The 1 mile fee is $10 by October 5th, $15 after October 5th.  The fee for the 5K is $20 until October 5th and $25 after October 5th.  More than just a 1 mile/5K, the event has become an Autumn gala with communities, family, and friends gathering (sometimes not since last years event) for a fun festive occasion.  There will be vendors, music, food, and special presentations by Plainfield's own award winning marching band and others!  The first 200 registered walkers/runners will receive a commemorative goodie bag including tee shirt and other valuable items.

Although a fun event, the Plainfield-Queen City Historic Walk/Run for Life 5K (3.1 mile) course is USATF (the leading recognized Track and Field Association in the country) certified and sanctioned.  This means the 3.1 mile course has been officially measured for accuracy and approved for competition.  The walkers/runners are all timed to the second by computer chip technology and awards are given by overall 1st, 2nd, 3rd place male and female as well as by age group 1st, 2nd, 3rd place male and female categories.  This has generated serious interest in the event by athletes across the region.  With cash awards as additional incentive for overall winners, the Plainfield-Queen City Historic walk/run has begun to draw class athletes to the event.  Last years overall male winner won with a respectable time of 16:30.74 and the top female runner won at a respectable time of 21:24.13!

In addition to the individual awards, the team divisions are beginning to gain popularity. To participate in a team your team must have at least 4 runners with no maximum number on the team.  The 4 combined lowest average times per team make that team's score.  The team with the lowest average time wins.  There will be trophy's given to the first and second place team winners (except for the mayors trophy where the winner takes all!).  There are 4 team divisions you can participate in: 1) Religious (Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, Temples); 2) Civic and Community (non religious) Organizations (Fraternities, Sororities, Masons, Rotary Club, Lions Club, etc,); 3) Plainfield Schools (any school within Plainfield City limits compete at Elementary, Middle and High School levels.)  Students must sign a pledge to enter (see Student Registration Form on this site); 4) Plainfield Police vs Plainfield Fire Department (the 'mayor's trophy' as it is called is a friendly but competitive event that highlights Plainfield's finest against Plainfield's bravest!).  All teams (except the elementary school category) compete on the Historic 5K course that meanders through 3 beautiful Historic Plainfield districts.  The elementary schools compete on the 1 mile course beginning at 9:00AM.

For those who are not serious enough to challenge themselves on the Historic 5K (3.1 mile) walk/run course there is a 1 mile course walk/run available for you beginning at 9:00AM.

Look on this site for: online registration, 5K course map, printable copies of non-student Registration Form, printable Fliers (please spread the word), and printable copies of the Student Registration Form and Pledge (NOTE all student registrations are for Plainfield public and non public schools only and will be managed by the school's Phys Ed teachers).


NOTE: we are seeking sponsors, vendors, and volunteers.  Please reach out to us if you know of any.

If you have additional questions you can email us at plainfieldwalkrun@gmail.com or call 908-405-0548.  Hope to see you October 8th!

Peace and Blessings,

Darryl Clark
Event Founder and Chairman, Plainfield-Queen City Historic Walk/Run for Life committee

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  1. What an awesome event! Thank you!