Sunday, September 4, 2011

1st Annual Plainfield 5K Walk/Run for Life

The "1st Annual Plainfield Queen City Historical 5K Walk/Run for Life" event organizing is moving forward at Light speed!  We are moving closer to that October 15 date of an amazing event.  The Plainfield 5K (3.1 mile) Walk/Run event (which will also feature a 1 mile family fun Walk/Run) is a venue in which every resident and non-resident alike can resonate with. The idea is to revitalize the livelihood of this historic town with a focus on youth and senior citizens (yet encompassing every one in-between),

The event is based, and will stand, on 5 key "pillars". 

The 5 Pillars Are:
  1. To improve the image of Plainfield highlighting its beauty and historic legacy;
  2. To increase unity, engaging everyone to participate in an event for a common cause regardless of differences (of race, politics, religion, geography, education, etc.) setting an example to be followed going forward for all (especially our youth);
  3. To bring about a greater sense of health awareness emphasizing our ability to generally improve our health through simple natural principles (including stopping putting poisons in our bodies and exercising more);
  4. Creating a greater self awareness for our youth of who they are (and what they really stand for), thus increasing their self respect and positive image of themselves;
  5. To raise funds that will provide additional programs for youth advancement (including offering grants and supplies for  needy students, and supporting recreational programs for all youth), as well as additional recreational activities for senior citizens to participate more within the community.

So you can see why you have a major role to play in this event.  In the near future be on the lookout for lots more information surrounding this fall classic.  This website going forward will have a link to historic facts about Plainfield (including notable individuals who herald from Plainfield), and as well as a link to the layout of the 1 mile and 5K course  which meanders through Plainfield past numerous historic landmarks (for example, did you know Plainfield High School was the first Public High School in the State of New Jersey?).  Also, you'll be able to link out to various sites on health and other beneficial areas of interest related to the 5 "Pillars". 

Please see link to online registration, event flyer and hardcopy registration form on the upper left hand side of this page.
We are seeking sponsors and vendors for the race.  Contact us at for additional info/questions and to share your ideas. 

Please STOP back to this website soon and frequently! --

Plainfield-Queen City Historic 5K Walk/Run,
Organizing Committee

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